8th Life Panama

The Project

A collaborative work-life initiative forming an intentional community, in rural Panama, based on permaculture, ethics, respect, peace & living on “on-purpose” life.


Who are we? Who’s behind all of this? Fair question. Who and how can people participate in this project ? Who are we looking for ?

Many questions we try to respond in this pages:

But most importantly, you have to understand we are creating a people based project, a Community.

Over the years we’ve done a lot of research into what creates community – and what does community really mean. We’re learning from the successes & failures of previous projects, from our mentor project 8thLife La Palma, and from many colleagues and our studies of community building of all types, not just Intentional Communities and EcoVillages.

8thLife La Palma studied the temporary communities of their action-learning programs and confirmed that lasting relationships & solid teams are created when a series of criteria are met. They made some basic models, that help in understanding what’s going on under the surface. Those models are now taught in Module 1 (People-Care) of the Integral Permaculture Course. That’s why it’s a requirement that everyone who joins us takes the course.