8th Life Panama


Founders of the Canary Islands sister project

We are supported by the founders of the 8thLife EcoVillage Project in the Canary Islands. Many thanks to our mentors, allies and friends at the 8thLife EcoVillage Project in La Palma, Canary Islands for their support throughout this process – it’s been a long pregnancy and we’re about to give birth.

Thank you Stella, Jose, Suzanne, Heloise, Marie José, Esther and Heloise.

Stefania Strega-Scoz

An experienced community eco-innovator who was running award-winning early Transition Initiatives in London in the mid-90s. – see Green Adventure pages for examples of past work.

Born 1966, Italian, a community activist since her teens (starting with anti-poverty work, then feminism & environmental work), Coordinator of this project & currently recruiting the development team,  as well as working in the first ever online-supported range of Integral Permaculture action-learning programmes, which includes the creation of an ambitious e-Book.

You can see her design portfolio here, her profesional profile compiling her extensive experience here (and here is an older biog as a permaculture designer with references) & there is a video of her talking about the project in the Why page (Interview with a Founder Member).

Jose Lorenzo Zamora

Born in Cuba in 1992, he lived there long enough to be deeply influenced by the rural extended family environment, before being taken at age 6 to live in the middle of a typical big city in Tenerife, as his family returned to their Canarian origins.   There he assiduously studied all he could about natural systems in order “to try to keep sane”, apart from learning about many other things, like speaking Japanese.Jose was 18 when he started studying integral permaculture with the Integral Permaculture Academy, whilst finishing his degree in Computer Systems Engineering – which he achieved with suma cum laude + cash prizes in each year for being one of the top students in the Canary Islands, despite realizing early on he could never do the kind of dehumanizing work this line of study usually resulted in.

So at 19 he became the youngest investor & founder member of the 8thLife Ecovillage project where he is now the ‘resident health guru’ (having had to action-learn a lot about health whilst curing himself from some typical ‘chronic diseases of civilization’) & also great experimental cook (you can see one of his delicious gluten-free pizzas in the picture).   Did we mention he’s an artist too?

In the eco-village he is mainly in charge of designing & maintaining the animal systems because he is passionate about regenerating the soil & landscape (and producing abundance for all forms of Life) through integrating all kinds of animals (sheep, chickens, guineapigs, fish, bees…) into the ecosystem.

Suzanne Williams

Suzy has studied the iPDC as an intern and has been working on the 8thLife Project as the Volunteer Coordinator since December 2014.
After many years of taking part in human social changes Suzy now believes that this is interrelated with the most urgent issue of how we care for our environment and move forward as a civilization.  Suzy is taking action by making personal changes and learning about permaculture so that she can participate in the bigger social changes happening here and around the world.


In the eco-village we are really grateful for her great intelligence, clarity of thought, firm integrity and passion for justice. We have also had lots of fun together with her enthusiasm, creativity and artistic skills, and she is doing a wonderful job as our Volunteer Coordinator, thanks to which we are working much faster at improving the infrastructures of the EcoVillage project.  And she treats us to guitar & piano concerts too 🙂

See an article about her here

Heloisa Primavera

Heloisa is a founder member, advisor & Angel Investor in the project (not resident, but a share-holder) is a recognized & much appreciated EcoEconomist in a crucial pioneering field.  A biologist & professor of sociology in Argentina, and anything but a theorist.

She is the creator of the Red de Trueque Solidario, where lots of argentinians changed crisis into abundance. In 1996 she had to stay in bed due to an operation & this permitted her to observe a series of popular movements (like the silent marches of María Soledad & of the Carrasco case) which demonstrated a will for change.

 “And as sociologists we always study things when they’re already dead, I proposed to do the opposite: I wanted to connect with the people and act”.She got her chance in ’97, when she connected with the organizers of the Exchange Club (Club de Trueque – equivalent to LETS scheme in english) of Bernal, then starting to organize exchange markets.   & she offered to add to the exchange of products also the exchange of knowledge & training.

In this way she contributed to the expansion of a network which now flowers over more than 14 provinces in Argentina, Brasil, Chili, Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador & El Salvador.

See her testimony as an investor here