8th Life Panama

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Le Projet


The 8thLife Panama Collaborative Work-Life Initiative is forming an intentional community that provides a social support structure and a low impact lifestyle for its members, residents, and volunteers. Our vision for this project is therefore: An intentional rural community where the values and ideals of community, respect, peace, and living an[…]

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It’s time to transition from a destructive society to a sustainable world. We believe that the most important and urgent jobs to be done now are: stopping the destruction, working to build soil, restoring ecosystems, healing our addictions, changing organizational structures of the global economy, & learning to live in[…]

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We’re located in the Coclé Province of Panama, in the District of Anton. The Finca is across the Panamerican highway, heading up the mountains in the community of Las Guabas Arriba. Astoria Guest House, the head quarter of the project for now, is located in the town of Anton proper. We[…]

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Dernières Nouvelles

Le terrain de 21 ha, a été acheté en juin 2017. Cette terre n’a jamais été habité et cultivée seulement sporadiquement en petites sections. Il reste donc tout à faire : le plan d’aménagement qui servira de base au design communautaire, la conception du passage et de l’accès à la[…]

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  • “Some people look for beautiful place,

    others make a place beautiful”

    Hazrat Inayat Khan – founder of The Sufi Order in the West
  • “Arrested personal growth serves industrial “growth.” by suppress­ing the nature dimension of human development . . . , industrial growth society engenders an immature citizenry unable to imagine a life beyond consumerism and soul-suppressing jobs.”

    Bill Plotkin – founder of western Colorado’s Animas Valley Institute
  • “The task of an activist is not to navigate systems of oppressive power with as much personal integrity as possible; 

    it is to dismantle those systems”

    Lierre Keith – writer, radical feminist, food activist, and environmentalist

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